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White Wax Melt Warmer

White Wax Melt Warmer

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Introducing our eco-friendly Wax Melt Warmer, crafted with premium quality bamboo and a ceramic bowl to create a unique and sustainable home decor accessory. This beautiful and modern design is perfect for any home or office space, adding a touch of natural charm to your ambiance.

The ceramic bowl is specifically designed to hold wax melts and essential oils, providing a long-lasting and aromatic fragrance. The combination of bamboo and ceramic creates a stunning aesthetic and the perfect environment to unwind and relax.

Our Wax Melt Warmer is incredibly easy to use, simply place your wax melt or essential oil in the ceramic bowl and light a tea light. In just a few minutes, the fragrance will begin to fill the room, providing a pleasant and calming atmosphere.

We take pride in using only eco-friendly materials, ensuring that our products are not only beautiful but also sustainable. Our Wax Melt Warmer is easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect addition to your daily routine.


It comes with a bamboo frame, a porcelain bowl and a porcelain tea light candle holder.

Product Details

This beautiful ceramic & wood wax warmer, heats up quickly with the flame from the tealight as it heating source.

Place the tealight candle in the holder then place the ceramic bowl on top. Then put your wax melt in the bowl and gently light the tealight candle to begin warming process.

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