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Gentleman's Lounge Wax Melts

Gentleman's Lounge Wax Melts

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 Introducing our Gentleman's Lounge Wax Melts - a luxurious and refined fragrance experience that transports you to an elegant and inviting world of smoky sophistication.

The centrepiece of this aromatic masterpiece is a captivating and suave combination of sweet rum and zesty citrus fruits. This dynamic duo sets the stage, evoking the charm of a classic gentlemen's lounge. The sweet and fruity notes entice your senses, inviting you into a realm of opulence and comfort.

As the scent unfolds, you'll discover the deep and complex layers of character within these wax melts. Rich clove weaves its warm and spicy embrace through the composition, adding a sense of depth and intrigue. Labdanum, with its full-bodied and balsamic qualities, envelops the atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression that is both captivating and memorable.

The wax melts ultimately settle on an aromatic bed of leather, creating an ambiance reminiscent of well-worn leather armchairs and distinguished libraries. Hints of moss and swirls of amber add a touch of earthiness and warmth to the mix, further enhancing the atmosphere with a sense of rugged sophistication.


Rum – Grapefruit – Bergamot – Lime
Clove – Patchouli – Labdanum
Tobacco – Moss – Leather – Amber

Product Details

Biodegradable/Recyclable Packaging.
100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.
Minimum 65g Kraft Tub.
Highly Scented.
Natural Soy Wax & Botanicals.
Each 65g pack of melts gives you 60 plus hours of burning time.
All our products are CLP compliant and include wax safety instructions.

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